Richard Joseph Jordan III is a comedian, writer, #1 best selling author, master

impressionist, portrait artist, All American water polo player, memory savant, Youtube

sensation, and he was murdered by Justin Bieber on an episode of CSI. He graduated

from UC Berkeley with a bachelors in political science and grew up in New York and

Moraga California where he was voted “most creative hair” at Campolindo High. His

father Dick was a prominent newspaper executive and his mother Dee was a Jack

LaLanne fitness model. He suffers from insomnia and has never had a drink of alcohol in

his entire life. He gets invited to a lot of destination weddings and thus spends a lot of

time wearing a suit on the beach. His favorite things to do are swimming with sharks, and

writing about himself in the third person. He currently lives in the Bel Air California

where he is the least crazy person. He will add more later when he thinks of something good.